A little story

71 years of an extraordinary adventure, made up of artists and crazy parties.

This hotel establishment with the Diamond Rock in the background opened its doors in June 1945. Starting from its incredible history, it will become the oldest hotel establishment to have emerged in Martinique.

Initially, the Diamant Les Bains was created with 10 rooms. The hotel operated like this until 1980 when 20 other rooms were added. Seven rooms were located on the first floor of the main building. Then, 23 bungalows were divided into two categories: the “Garden” located along the property, at the pool level. And, a few steps below, the “Beach” bungalows which have been erected as close as possible to the beach.

These accommodations welcomed personalities from the world of literature, in particular:

  • Aimés CESAIRE, poet and politician from Martinique, author of “Notebook for a return to the Natal Country”.
  • Edouard GLISSANT, Martinican writer, poet and philosopher author of “Le Discours Antillais”.
  • Patrick CHAMOISEAU, Martinican writer, Goncourt prize for his novel “Texaco”.
  • Milan KUNDERA, Czech writer, author of “The unbearable lightness of being”.

At that time, we are in the old-fashioned seaside stay, in the colors of the Antilles.

The establishment offers a sheltered terrace, entirely open to the outside, a restaurant “l’Assiette Créole”, which occupies a central place at Diamant Les Bains.

The success of the establishment is built around it, we come from all over Martinique, especially on Tuesday for lobster evenings. 200 guests are welcomed each evening. Thursday is delirious with gardenparties. Nearly 2,200 people flock to dance to the music of PlayBoy, Perfecta, Simon Jurad and Opération 78…

After a few years of closure, in 2019, Le Diamant les Bains is reborn with a new team, which aims to continue this tradition.

71 years later Le Diamant Les Bains invites you to come and share new adventures!